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KB Article: 11412
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KB Sub-category: [Game Master Interaction]

About Game Master (GM)

Game Masters (GM) are support staff within online services, such as PlayOnline or FINAL FANTASY XI. They work to ensure that all player characters have an enjoyable experience with our services. They are also authorized to take disciplinary action against those who act in a disruptive manner.

If you encounter an unavoidable problem such as getting stuck in a terrain within the virtual world, you can access the "Help Desk" from the main menu to call a GM. However, please understand that GMs respond to requests only after determining that the situation requires their support. GMs are not able to assist you through a quest and will not be able to assist you with your comments and feedbacks regarding gameplay.

For more information regarding GM support, you can visit the "GM Policy" page located under "Rules & Policies" on