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KB Article: 75329
KB Category: [Technical Support]
KB Sub-category: [Download]

I am unable to download the app.

Please consult the possible solutions below if you experience an error in downloading the app. 

- An unstable connection can interrupt the download. Please ensure you have a steady Wi-Fi connection.
- Quit any other apps running in the background.
- Try turning your device off, waiting for a few minutes and turning it back on again.
- Having too much data already stored on your device will increase the likelihood of an error occurring. Try deleting unnecessary files.

* If you are still experiencing difficulties, please submit a contact form from our support page with the following information:

(1) Screen or area where the error occurs
(2) Error message displayed
(3) Steps taken before error occurred
(4) Details on the device you are using (e.g. model)