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Can the same game data be played across multiple devices?

If I delete the app and redownload it, can I play with my previous data?

Errors occur during gameplay or while downloading data.

The app keeps crashing.

The app will not start.

Is the app compatible with Amazon Appstore?

The game screen is not displaying correctly.

Can the PlayStation®4 multiplayer expansion "FINAL FANTASY XV: Comrades" be played through "FINAL FANTASY XV: Pocket Edition"?

What are the terms of use for this app?

Is the app compatible with Android TV?

Is the app compatible with Google TV?

Is the app compatible with iPhoneX's full screen resolution?

Can the app be played using an external controller?

How do I backup my game data on cloud and transfer it?

If I switch devices, can I play my previous game data on the newer device?

Is there an instruction manual or help system for the app?

Can the game data for "FINAL FANTASY XV: Pocket Edition" be saved on external storage?

Does the app have a push notification feature?

Can I change a character's name?

Can I change the language of the subtitle?

Number of Hits 26 cases (Display cases between 1 - 20)   Next Page